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It’s Thanksgiving Already?

by Chansoda on November 28, 2013

We are nearing the end of the year, and the holidays are here, already! Yikes. This year we stayed local, jumping from my mother’s house to our friends’ down the street from our home with our alternative parents, Nancy & Skip. Great food, great company, plenty of cheers going around. It has been a great year, and we have so much to be thankful for.

We also started our morning with the 5K Turkey Trot, which was a great way to begin our day of feasts.

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ChansodaIt’s Thanksgiving Already?

Pag’s Fab Wine Tasting Party

by Chansoda on November 9, 2013

A┬ámystery wine tasting contest at our friend Pag’s house.

Bring a bottle of wine, it gets wrapped up to hide the label, then┬ánumbered, everyone gets a taste of all the wines on the tables and votes for their best! Since we were our own pourers, people got a little mixed up on what a “tasting” is.

It was a lot of fun, they even had a really nerdy guy crunching the numbers based on people’s ballots! Always a good time at Pag and Jeff’s.


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ChansodaPag’s Fab Wine Tasting Party

Celebrating in NYC

by Chansoda on July 14, 2013

A birthday for a friend in the city. Cloudy skies but no rain on the rooftops. Started at Le Bain rooftop, then moved on to the Goosevort. Good times.

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ChansodaCelebrating in NYC

4th of July at Caramoor

by Chansoda on July 5, 2013

Picknicking, concert, and fireworks with Nancy, Skip, and the Mulranes. Karla is working long hours there, the only way I get to spend time with her is by going to concerts at Caramoor.

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Chansoda4th of July at Caramoor