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To Colorado we go…

by Chansoda on October 10, 2013

The drive to Colorado from New Mexico was beautiful. We are headed to Durango,  had a pit stop in Pagosa Springs and roomed in the Mancos Valley. Originally, we wanted to come up here to explore Mesa Verda, but with the government shutdown, national parks are closed.

Hoped to be able to go on some fantastic hikes, but we got completely rained and snowed on. It was still gorgeous, the mountains in the background are unbelievable. We visited this great little honey place called Honeyville and tried all sorts of interesting whipped honey. We wanted to see the Honey Bees, eventually we are starting up our own colony as beekeepers. I wanted to see the old mining town of Silverton, so we drove up this high switchback and ended up in a total white-out of snow as the elevation increased. Kind of dangerous, but we turned around, the little SUV we rented came out really handy for this.

It was great, and our gracious AirBnB host was awesome. We got to talk with her and get to know a little bit more about the town we stayed in. Wished the weather was nicer and the parks were open, but it was still pretty out there and we enjoyed ourselves. Loved the little local health food store Zuma!

ChansodaTo Colorado we go…