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by Chansoda on August 11, 2015

Second annual trip to northern Maine. We did the 10+ hour trek to Madawaska again this year with a short stop to the mid-coastal towns of Rockland, Rockport and Camden. Beautiful and charming little towns that I would have liked to explore more but time was limited. We had brunch in Rockland at the Home Kitchen Cafe, which was mobbed with people but a nice place to grab a bite. There we met a nice recently retired couple that were doing a trip across the states and camping out in their RV, very cool to talk to them about their adventures traveling.

Then we continued on to our Madawaskan adventure. Set up camp on Long Lake, meaning we pitch a tent on our friend’s lakefront. It’s so nice to sleep outside and listen to the loons, but have the convenience of an actual house, my kind of short-cut camping. (I’m actually not a big fan of real camping)

The weather was a little tricky this weekend, cloudy, chance of rain, then sunshine, it was unpredictable. We connected with Denise and Brigitte and went on the trails with the ATVs, got caught in the pouring rain. Ended up really cold and wet but it was so much fun! Next time we know how to dress for this kind of stuff. We spent some time on the water but it was too cold to go swimming. Explored a little bit of the neighboring towns, had dinner and conversation with fun people. Shirley and Angelo’s wedding anniversary was also that weekend, so nice of them to host us and include us in their milestone. It is a great place to get away, all in all a relaxing weekend.

I still have not seen any moose though. Next time, hopefully.

(check out our pictures from Maine 2014)


We woke up before the sunrise to get started on our trip.


Sunrise on i-84 as we passed Hartford, CT.


Stopped in Rockland for brunch.


Camden, Maine.

Arrived and set up our camp on Long Lake a.k.a. Shirley's front lawn.

Arrived and set up our camp on Long Lake a.k.a. Shirley’s front lawn.


Exploring neighboring town Fort Kent




ATV time!


Denise and Brigitte were awesome to take us for a ride.


ATV trails.


Shirley and Angelo got the most dust.


Beautiful marsh, no moose.


We got caught in the rain, but this rainbow came out


As the storm cloud rolled past, the sun was starting to set.


Then the sky took a really dramatic turn, so beautiful.


A pensive one.




Pretty happy here.


Love the sunsets up here.


Waking up to fog over Long Lake


Over the fields a wall of fog


Yup, still looking for the elusive moose at dawn.


More fog.


Still so much to explore…


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