The Dog

Got Lost Hiking

by Chansoda on August 17, 2013

Karla and I like to go on hikes with Holly, and we’re happy we have a dog that requires so much activity because in the end, it’s better for our health. We’re also fortunate to live in a community that is surrounded by hiking trails, just walking down the street and in to the woods, we can easily hook on to a larger trail system that is part of another park without having to drive anywhere! That’s awesome.

What’s not awesome is the lack of trail being blazed correctly, leading us to gett lost, and managing to end up on the side of I-84 and route 7 merging, a busy road that at least, we know how to get home from, even if we are a few miles off target…

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ChansodaGot Lost Hiking

Holly is Happy.

by Chansoda on April 17, 2013

You give her a friend to play with, the open space to run free at top speed and she will savor every moment of it. They know exactly what makes them happy, which turns out, is really simple. We could learn a lot from them.

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ChansodaHolly is Happy.

We got a PUPPY for Christmas.

by Chansoda on December 25, 2012

Meet Holly. She is a 4 month old Australian Cattle Dog and Beagle mix, and this Christmas, she found us. Just moved in and we weren’t looking to adopt the little thing, but how could you resist? When some one brings her over on Christmas and says, she needs a home or else she will end up in the pound.

It took a little bit of convincing Karla, but she came around. 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!

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ChansodaWe got a PUPPY for Christmas.